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The Lost Boy

A Foster Child's Search for the love of a Family.
A New York Times Bestseller for over 4 years
A #1 International Best Seller
The long awaited sequel to A Child Called "IT"

The Lost Boy  

The Lost Boy is the long-awaited sequel to A Child Called "It," and is the compelling story of young Dave, who is rescued from his abusive, alcoholic mother and placed in the hands of the foster care system.

Having been subjected to years of extreme physical and psychological suffering, Dave fights for a stable setting, but finds himself moving in and out of five different homes, while continuing the fight to cope with his past. Throughout Dave's journey, social service personnel, educators, counselors, and foster parents give their all to ensure Dave's well-being and protection from his vindictive mother, who, at one point, wishes to have Dave committed to a mental institution.

The second part of a trilogy series*, The Lost Boy sets the standard as a sequel, yet stands alone as an inspirational, behind-the-scenes, unique tribute to the unsung heroes who dedicate themselves to making a difference in the lives of children in peril.

The Lost Boy is not only a heart-felt, gripping, true account of one child's refusal to become mired in his past, but of his immense struggle to find not only a home, but binding ties of the love of a family.

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